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General Questions

Hydrate and keep all scheduled appointments.


In most cases, you should feel normal after your infusion. Let your nurse know otherwise.

: Feel free to send your questions to

Infusion – A method of putting fluids, including drugs, into the bloodstream. Also called intravenous infusion. This Is done In your physician’s Infusion suite by an Infusion nurse In a safe environment. The frequency will be determined by your physician.

Injection – A way of administering a sterile liquid form of medication into tissues of the body beneath the skin or in a muscle, using a sharp, hollow needle or tube.

Both methods are safe and effective.

Yes your privacy and confidentiality is protected.

We do infusions Monday through Friday depending on your physician’s office schedule. At our Bellaire, TX location we infuse 7 days a week by appointment.

Curbside will then give you a call to be sure you have our contact information for any questions or concerns related to your Insurance authorization, scheduling or financial responsibilities.

Call or email our Infusion Coordinator at 877-428-7248 or


We understand that plans can change. You can call or text us at 877-428-7248 ext 0 or email us at

We recommend that you are well rested, hydrated, and free of any illness. You may also want to bring a blanket and something to read.

All major payors.

We do the infusions in your doctor’s office unless you are referred to our Infusion Center located in Bellaire, TX.

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Insurance Questions

Yes, otherwise you will be financially responsible for the full cost of your treatment.

No. Unless you complete a hardship application and qualify.

You will receive a link to pay via Quickbooks in your email. Please be sure to provide the most updated information upon scheduling

Please let us know ASAP to avoid being financially responsible for the full cost of your care.

Manufacturer copay assistance programs help commercially insured patients afford expensive prescription drugs by covering part or all of a member’s deductible and copay for certain medications.

You may not be eligible if you are insured with government funded plans like Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare and their sub plans however we may still have an option to look for.

You may qualify for a patient assistance program or we will provide you a cash quote.

Yes, in most cases, manufacturers have copay assistance programs that you can be enrolled in should you meet eligibility requirements.

We will check with your insurance to see if you have out of network benefits or we can provide you a cash quote.

This is determined once we verify your benefits and complete a financial review.

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